Finding the Courage to Change

It is often through our greatest challenges that we find it difficult to keep going and it is in these difficult times we must remember these opportunities are taking us deeper in the direction of our desires and dreams should we have the courage to stay the course. By definition then it is these perceived obstacles that we must face head on in order to reach for heights we had before now not been able to conceive of achieving. The purpose of our lives is to grow and we must understand there is a divine curriculum and plan for each of us that we must fill on our earthly journey if we hope to be all that we were created to be. All opportunity exists in the unknown which makes it a very challenging path to follow, and requires that we dig deep within our own hearts and minds to summons all we need to face these. In our human form we have learnt to be afraid of change and the unknown, God gave us free choice, a line he will never cross and if we choose this path the Holy Spirit becomes that still small voice for God within each of us, always available to us in each step. Challenges are not optional, they are part of the deal on this journey, however, how we handle them is a choice and we can learn through pain or through joy depending on what we choose. Remember this, whatever you resist will persist. Learning through joy we must accept that we are not alone, and surrender to the Holy Spirit to lead us through every step on our journey, and this takes trust and faith at all times it is a voice we must listen for and the follow.


We often do not give ourselves enough credit for how far we have come, how much we have grown, and it is in these challenging times that we need to encourage ourselves the most to keep moving forward. When I look back on my own path over the past two decades there have been occasions when I simply have not given myself the credit I deserve. In more truthful moments however I have come to realise and see that the gap between the man I used to be and the one I am today are light years apart, and it is of paramount importance that we remind ourselves of this with regularity.  We tend to use worldly ideas to judge our successes, things like cars, houses, careers and money when we must remember that these are not a true reflection of how much you have grown. You are a success at being you, there is no one else who can do the job. Ego says, ‘when I get everything I want I will be at peace’ and spirit says ‘when I am at peace I will have everything I want’.   Peace in our hearts is the goal we strive toward, and there is nothing on the outside that can give us this, we do it simply for the Love of truth.


As we grow and loosen our grip on how we believe our lives should look we begin to understand that when we ask God for healing it is to heal our thinking in order to return to the essence of who we truly are and to align our thinking with his. Wherever we have strayed from love we will be faced with an opportunity to move closer in that direction. Love will bring up everything unlike itself in order for us to return to our true nature, and become the kind of people we are meant to be. You cannot get love from an inanimate object, it is therefore only through our brothers that we are able to find redemption. Love appears in the absence of judgement, so when the ground shifts beneath our feet and the storms are raging all around us it is our brothers that will calm these cyclones within our own hearts when we suspend all the judgment and blame focusing on the light of the Universe that is alive in each and every being. It therefore follows that as I am healed I am not healed alone, and we find our way back to heaven by taking others with us, remembering that there is no self and there is no other, what I am giving to anyone I am ultimately giving to myself because there is only one of us here.