The call by God goes out to all his sons and each and every human being is a part of the sonship. Sadly few care to answer the call to return home. It was as though from the moment we landed on this planet a sleeping spell was cast on us all and we were knocked unconscious, and from this moment forward we began to live our lives in total contradiction to our true nature, seeing everything up-side down.

We were taught such foreign concepts and beliefs from an early age. As toddlers we would perform something ‘amazing’ in front of grown-ups or friends watching us, all applauding and showing us much love and affection. It was in these moments that we came to believe that we would have to jump through hoops and over hurdles, going to the ends of the earth to win others Love, Approval and Appreciation if we had a hope of getting these things and making it through this earthly journey. We fell asleep to the awareness that all these things lived within us already and in many cases we spend a lifetime searching for them. In that moment we disconnected from ourselves and projected this separation on to God also.  We lost the awareness of the truth that we are one with the father, and whilst we can deny this truth we cannot eradicate it.

Along with this we have been taught very profoundly to believe in the illusion of separate bodies, making us separate from each other. We only have separate bodies because we believe we do. If we are to discover our essential being and nature it will require a total acceptance that there is no self and there is no other, there is no place where you stop and I start, and the recognition of the sinlessness of our brothers which will be returned to us, as you get from the giving. To coin a phrase ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’ and the other side of this coin is, as I am healed I am not healed alone and this we experience from the truth that there is only one of us here.

Responding to Gods call requires a leap of faith, faith the size of a mustard seed is all that is required. The Holy Spirit does the rest and a total surrender to Gods plan for our lives must follow. It is a journey that we do not walk alone, Gods response to the ego was the Holy Spirit who is there to lead us, guide us and teach us every step of the way.  With this we must come to the acceptance that Gods will is ours, and therefore our power is in us although not of us. The healing of Gods son is the only purpose for this earthly journey, making our personal and spiritual growth paramount. It is time to spread our wings or we will come to the end of our journey never having flown the flight of spiritual glory.