Gratitude is a profound and fundamental perception and energy in creating the life you dream of having for yourself. It begins each day with noticing all you are already so blessed to have received. Notice the good night’s sleep you had even if for just a few hours, the bed you slept on, the linen on the bed, the pillows and the roof over your head before your foot even hits the floor. Too often you wake up in the morning exclaiming ‘I didn’t get enough sleep’ and so begins your reverie on all you believe you don’t have enough of, thus setting the tone for your day. If you notice yourself doing this, stop your mind in its tracks and change the conversation you are having with yourself, now is the time to begin noticing, and the opportunity to change it.

The Universe, God, hears your every thought and your every word. Poverty and wealth are not external things, they are internal and it all begins with how you talk to yourself, creating your life as you see it, as within so without. Do something for someone else, even if it is the simple act of buying them a chocolate and watch their total pleasure in the moment. It must also be remembered that this works in receiving also, and you are not truly able to give with an open heart until you can receive with an open heart, which allows someone the same pleasure you get from the giving.

There is a simple statement that says ‘what you appreciate, appreciates’, which allows for the free flow of giving and receiving. This means no judgement either of good or bad just absolute enjoyment of the splendour of life exactly the way things are, total acceptance of these acts as a living expression of kindness, love and generosity. As an extension of this it must be noted that this allows for the opening up to the total benevolence of life in all its magnificence, never judging something or someone to be better than or worse than…just life in all its perfection.

Start off by noticing the incredible miracle of yourself, you woke up to a new day, the fact that your heart beats, your eyes see, your lungs breath, your ears hear and all this without any help from you. Then look around you and see all that you are so blessed to have in this moment, listen to the sounds…the birds chirping a dog barking, notice the fragrance of the morning air…and all you had to do was stop and notice the beauty and perfection of it all.