Andy van Wyk


The journey towards higher consciousness takes incredible courage, self-honesty and the tenacity to never give up. It is only when I was willing to take responsibility for the entire goings on in my life and by that, I mean the good, the bad and the ugly that I have been able to deepen and grow. When we can own our story we will discover a path towards a life unlike anything the world has taught us to believe possible. I have learnt that we must run towards everything we fear rather than looking for an easier path. Above all else it takes faith and trust to go beyond that which your physical senses perceive.

I absolutely believe that forgiveness is paramount to moving forward and this does not only mean of others but also of ourselves. Life requires that if we make the choice to move forward and beyond our limits that we do so with an open mind and an open heart which results in a growing depth of peace unlike anything the world can possibly teach.

Pain to Peace
Fear to Love
Sickness to Health

My Story…

The extraordinary journey of personal enquiry and spiritual growth that followed the implosion of my life almost two decades ago was a conscious choice. I knew I had to do things very differently, even though I did not at the time understand exactly what this would entail or mean. I have pursued this vigilantly since then and it has been an exciting, exhilarating and scary journey often all at the same time requiring courage and tenacity beyond that which I often believed I possessed. My quest towards consciousness has kept me moving forward unceasingly, in spite of the occasional detour through comfort zones, and other zones I can’t even describe. In short I started from scratch building a new life from the bottom up unlike anything I had known before. It is often said that a challenging life is a divine calling of the highest order, and I have so often been called to step way beyond anything I could have imagined.  


In pursuit of this mission I have done many things to assist my growth. This has included being a Life Line Counsellor, personal life coaching sessions, life empowering courses like ‘Quest’, being a Toastmaster which is about so much more than the ability to present and communicate. I have also become a Transcendental Meditator and a part time Consciousness Based Education lecturer at the Maharishi Institute, all the while studying many books to learn as much as I can each day to feed my soul. My greatest achievement however is the work that I have done on myself and continue to do. I have learnt that everything happens for one of two reasons, either to bless us or to teach us and that a challenge is just another word for opportunity. I have transformed my life from that petrified inner child at nearly forty to the man I always wanted to be today. I now only compare myself to my former self and the gap between the two is mind-blowing. I am also well aware that the road to success is always under construction, and that the top of one mountain is the bottom of the next and it is with this in mind that I unceasingly work on Andy.


Our journey back to Love is about healing ourselves of the egocentricities that keep us limited and small…a quest I am totally committed to. I am now absolutely clear that the laws of nature that govern the natural order and functioning of the universe include me. Just as spring follows winter, a bud becomes a flower and an embryo becomes a baby life is ordered to assist me towards an ever increasing existence. The only difference between the rest of the universe and us humans is that we have free choice, we get to say no rather than yes and I am still aspiring to say yes more often to life.


As I have learnt through my many challenges, real change begins within and is about aligning our thinking with God’s which means Love. This means ultimately that what the world has taught me is, upside down, reality actually begins within and as I have questioned that concept, I had been taught to believe in, this has opened my mind and heart to a more rewarding life.


“Life is an Inside Job”

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